DIY Play Stove Top – Half Term Kids’ Crafts

You can create this stove top from unwanted materials that you probably already have at home: newspapers, bottle tops…

For us this is perfect alternative to large (and quite expensive to be honest) play stoves available on the market. Ours is flat and lightweight so can be easily hidden away or moved around the house.

My daughters already played with it yesterday, first in their room, then on the coffee table in living room and later in the kitchen, while I was cooking.

cheap play stove for kids


  • piece of fibre board or wood
  • 4 newspaper circles (tutorial how to make them) or nice jar covers instead that won’t require even painting
  • 4 bottle tops
  • newspapers
  • PVA glue
  • clear varnish (I used water based fast drying glossy clear indoor wood varnish from Wilko – £3.34 / 250 ml)
  • craft paints
  • nail polish (I used glittery polish to paint bottle tops but you may find bottle covers without logo that won’t require any work) – optional
  • clear all purpose glue (like Bostik)

play kitchen made from recycled materials how to make newspaper circles rings


  • skewer
  • paint brushes

how to make play stove top kitchen


  1. Cover the newspaper circles with diluted PVA glue, leave aside to dry for day.
  2. Paint the fibreboard with craft paint and leave aside to dry.
  3. Once newspaper circles are dry, paint them again, this time with colour (we used yellow, orange, red and purple).
  4. Paint also bottle tops with nail polish if needed.
  5. Varnish newspaper circles and board separately, leave to dry for as long as required (about 1 hour).
  6. Use all purpose glue to connect all of the elements together.

hand made kitchen stove for kids


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