Easy Wooden Sticks Shopping List

DIY craft stick shopping list


  • about 150-200 wooden craft sticks or ice lolly sticks
  • dark colour ballpoint pen (markers may smudge on the wood)
  • 2 small cups or glasses
  • blank sticker

shopping list in a cup


  1. Using a ball point pen write down usual shopping list items on both sides of the sticks, on one end.
  2. Mark one of the glasses with a sticker as a shopping list.
  3. As soon as something finishes in the house move the stick to the “shopping list” glass. This way you won’t have to do check what is missing before you next trip to the shop.

easy shopping list


Involve the kids, they will love suggesting items and adding them to the shopping list!

We used coloured sticks: green fresh fruit & veggies, yellow for household items, blue for tinned and packed foods and red for all the rest of foods but one colour or non coloured sticks will be good too. You can always use colourful ball point pens instead.

Your thoughts…

  1. If this is a list for replacing things you like to keep on-hand, why not affix the sticks to those things and put the sticks in the shopping cup when it is time to buy more?  

  2. very cute and interesting!!!

  3. Hamilton Courtney says:

    What an adorable idea! This is just the kind of DIY lifestyle I love.

  4. Very nice. I will create these for my sister. I think, these can be very nice gift idea for people with kids ;)

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