DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

We are sending this beautiful tin of festive shortbread biscuits for my parents as a part of hamper that we are putting together.

festive cookies tin for Christmas

As usual we will be also attaching something more personal in the package… My daughter loves crafts so I usually let her do the cards, especially those we send for her grandparents.

Below we can find couple of ideas for DIY gifts for Christmas and any other season for that matter… just replace festive theme with something more suitable for the occasion.

needle felted parrot decoration ornament gift idea

Christmas decorations

diy cosmetic gift ideas

homemade cosmetics

diy Christmas card ideas

handmade cards

Christmas gift ideas to make at home

other gifts


If you are running out of time you can always buy something ready… our Tried & Tested series may give you some ideas.

Edible gift ideas can be found here.

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