DIY Greeting Cards with Felt, Sequin & Bead Motifs

DIY greeting cards add hand-made touch to any gift, they would also make great end of year teacher appreciation “Thank You” notes.

Those cards take only minutes to make but if your child has plenty of teachers you my want to start crafting them soon…

teacher card ideas


teacher thank you greeting card


thank you teacher ideas

front and back of the felt motif


  1. Cut out felt shapes.
  2. Using thread and needle decorate the shapes with as many or as little sequins and beads as you like.
  3. Use glue to attach felt motifs to the cards.
  4. Decorate with some more felt shapes, paper dye cuts or crayons.

teacher appreciation cards from kids

trying different combinations 

handmade teacher appreciation note cards

finalized cards
one with felt motif alone by 4 year old and second one with felt motif and crayon stem by 9 year old


You can also closel the envelope with the wax seal like we did…

wax sealed vintage style snail mail letter

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