Silo in Brighton & Steam Ovens from Miele – Review

Despite walking through Brighton’s North Laine almost every day I have never visited Silo before but I have heard of them and I was very intrigued by the promise of locally sourced ingredients and the “zero waste” motto… I wanted to find out more.

So  when couple of weeks ago I’ve been invited by Miele to a foodie event at Silo, where Chef Douglas McMaster prepared delicious menu using their steam ovens, I couldn’t be more happy.

Chef Douglas from zero waste Silo in Brighton

Their premises are mixture of pre-industrial restaurant, bakery, coffee house in one with minimalistic design and modern technology helping to reduce waste.

Silo Brighton 39 Upper Gardner Street North Laine

For a moment it reminded me of cruise ship’s crew-mess but on board we did not have fancy food, drinks served in recycled jars, starters served  on coasters made of melted plastic bags or pretty wild garlic flowers in jar vases decorating the tables.

If you haven’t got a chance yet and like this kind of thing you must absolutely try Silo yourself on your next visit to Brighton…

wild garlic flowers in Silo

But why the steam ovens?

Steam cooking preserves the nutritious value of food, maintain its natural flavours, make meats more succulent and breads / cakes softer. It is a bit like adding tray filled with water while baking except that with the steam ovens there is no need for all this. Additionally food made in the steam is healthier, cooked to a restaurant standard and now with the new Miele steam ovens this can be achieved also at home.

flour mill grain mill in Silo restaurant bakery coffee shop in Brighton

grain mill | asparagus, caramelised onions & Dijon mustard pastries

The mouthwatering four-course lunch menu prepared by Doug demonstrated  how diverse the steam ovens are, from pastries, sour dough bread, through steamed vegetables, main of chicken and yummy mini cakes served with cold brewed coffee to finish off this great meal.

starters in Silo steamed asparagus ceviche

oven steamed asparagus with egg yolk & seeds | stone bass cured in lava salt and molasses sugar, with red chicory and chive flowers

It is worth mentioning that Silo produces their own drinks, both soft and alcoholic, in The Old Tree brewery and they made sure to keep us well hydrated thought the entire event.

Silo tomato salad and The Old Tree Brewery honey drink with lemon

tomatoes, smoked quinoa & lovage salad served with freshly made rye sour dough bread | honey drink with lemon

Silo steamed chicken main and The Old Tree brewery lemonade

chicken, broad beans & smoked radicchio | lemonade 

Silo dessert strawberries lemon purée raw chocolate and elder flowers

strawberry dessert with raw cacao, lemon skin purée and elder flowers

Couple more shots from the day can be found in our Instagram feed.


39 Upper Gardner Street
Brighton BN1 4AN

phone: 01273 674 259

You can find this review between our other reviews on Google Local & Zomato (former Urbanspoon) websites.


For alternative view on the day read more about Miele’s event on Nutritious Deliciousness blog – Carina, thank you for keeping me company.

DISCLOSURE: I was not financially compensated for this post but I enjoyed this complementary meal as a guests of Miele. All opinions expressed here are my own and I retained full editorial control.

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  1. Oh this looks like such a great place! Intrigued by steam ovens – was chatting to AEG at the Taste of London about their models last week and they are truly impressive! Beautiful shots :)

  2. Sounds great. I tried a Miele steam oven years ago -it worked really well

  3. I’m really intrigued by those ovens, I often place tray of water on the bottom shelf for bread to come out the way I like it… I will be definitely getting one of those when we have our own place.

  4. I’ve never used a steam oven, this is so interesting!

  5. ive never heard of this kind of oven, but the food in these photos looks amazing so I must find out more

  6. Very enjoyable lunch Margot and lovely to see you again!

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