How to Protect Window Sills from Planter Stains – Easy Solution

Have you ever wondered how to prevent mouldy stains made by flower pots on the window sills?

Are you tired of your planters leaving bulged up paint underneath?

Then you will love this quick and easy fix.

protecting windows from mould stains on window sills

I really can’t believe I did not think of this earlier!

All that is needed is the air flow under the planters and adding self-adhesive anti-skid pads made of foam underneath the pots does the trick.

mould on window sill under the planters

I could not find little pads that would be thick enough so I got bigger ones and divided them in four pieces each. Then used 3 bits under smaller pots and 4 under bigger, oval shaped ones.

Simple as that, no more stains, damaged paint or moisture under the pots!

getting rid of mould and mildew on window sills under the plant pots

Depending on the colour of the window sills the black, brown or grey pads could possibly work better.

I went for the white pads as they were the only ones available in our local store, plus they blend quite well with the white window sills… The reason I photographed them on the blue background was to make them more visible for the purpose of this article.

how to remove stains made by flower pots

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