Last Minute Christmas Elf Costume / Santa Helper Outfit for Girls

Xmas elf outfit


  • green dress (charity shop)
  • red Santa hat (on hand)
  • white, black and red yarn (on hand)
  • red ribbon (on hand)
  • 10 – 12 large silver jingle bells (local fabric store)
  • white long sleeve shirt (on hand)
  • red stockings or leggings (on hand)
  • black belt buckle (local fabric store)

Santa helper outfit


  • 1. To make each plait I have used 2 bunches of white yearn and 1 red one. I have tied the plait with red ribbon, sewed jingle bell onto the ribbon securing the whole thing from falling apart. Then I have sewn both of the plaits to the inside of the hat.

Santa helper costume

  • 2. I have made the belt from red yearn with half trebles, using crochet hook, but almost any stitch, even knitting instead of crochet would be good. I have surrounded the red belt with black yarn using single crochet stitch. As a final step I have attached end of the belt to the buckle.

Christmas Elf Costume

  • 3. To finish off I have used the rest of the ribbon and jingle bells to decorate the dress.

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