Chemical Free Home-made Shea Butter Body Lotion

Following my struggle with methylisothiazolinone and formaldehyde allergy I had to completely get rid of cosmetics I’ve been using and start from scratch… using natural ingredients, chemical free cosmetics and healthier foods. I even changed my tea drinking habits and dumped all harmful nail varnishes I’ve been collecting for years.

I was afraid to use anything containing strange numbers, chemicals with extra long names and other unknown to me additives.

Finally my skin got really, really dry and I had to do something about it. I started researching natural moisturisers and that is when I came across pure unrefined shea butter which is apparently great for eczema. And it was doing really good job on my skin but at the same time was quite hard to spread so I decided to turn it into easier to absorb body lotion.

how to make shea butter cream for eczema


diy shea butter lotion


making shea butter cream


  1. Place shea butter in a mixing bowl and leave for a while to reach room temperature.
  2. Whisk it to break any lumps and grains.
  3. Gradually add also oil and continue mixing until the lotion has required consistence.
  4. Fold in essential oils and whisk a bit longer.
  5. Share to the containers.
  6. Store in cool dark place for up to 4 – 6 months.

Makes two and half 120 ml containers of lotion.

home made shea butter body cream lotion moisturiser

Update: after about a month of resting in a jar my home-made body lotion has turned into a bit thicker, yet still very fluffy and easy to spread, melting in the hands cream.


Use less oil for thicker, more cream like consistence… I was making the lotion not to rub my damaged skin too much.

I used here sweet almond oil which is sent free and since I use it daily instead of make up remover I had it on hand, but many other oils would work great here.

For the scent I used pure lavender essential oil that I know I’m not allergic to but vanilla or sandalwood would probably go better with nutty scent of shea butter.

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