Ultimate Party Bags Ideas for Children

I have to admit I never liked shopping for party bags in the supermarkets’ party sections. There is couple of reasons for this: limited choice that does not change for years, designs are not very attractive and those plasticky toys usually get thrown away few days or even hours after the party. In my opinion it’s waste of money plus it’s just creating more rubbish on the planet.

party bags ideas for 11 year old

If you are on a budget and the party is being held for big amount of kids it is crucial to find good priced items. But at the same time I think it is better to get less useful items than the whole lot of junk.

There is plenty online retailers that can provide you with relatively cheap, cute and unusual bulk items that kids will adore. For instance Amazon, eBay, AliExpress just to mention few. The only minus of doing it this way is the fact you have to plan in advance, most of the items take over a month to arrive from abroad. You are also not 100% sure what you are getting until it will arrive, it’s a lottery.

For last minute purchases shops like Flying Tiger, The Works, Primark or stationery stores can come very handy as well.

party bags ideas for 10 year old

Depending on the age of kids you may want to choose completely different items than we did. Here are only some ideas, based on our recent party bags for 11 year old girls. I think they liked them a lot… especially the stickers. There was also popcorn, some candies and chocolates in the bags but none left for me to take the pictures.

party bags ideas for 12 year olds

Party bag fillers

  • cellophane bags (polka dot or floral ones) or paper pick & mix / sweet shop bags – you can also make your own bags
  • stickers (we got adorable Korean cats and bears and had to use Google Translate to understand what they are saying )
  • erasers (peanutspea pods and other kawaii erasers)
  • pens or pencils (we went for kawaii capsule shaped ones)
  • notebooks (we got sticky notes)
  • highlighters or markers (we go few packs of cute highlighters and gave each of the girls one colour)
  • something handmade (my daughter made modelling clay mobile phone charms for each of her guests)
  • small paper mache boxes (to pack little items)
  • glitter / sequins / embellishments (packed into mini cork sealed bottles)
  • miniature pegs
  • water balloons (because they were small and cute)
  • colourful washi tapes / sticky tapes
  • mini packs of edibles: bubble gums, candies, marshmallows or jellies, mini chocolate bars (for instance Kitkats), lunchbox size packets of popcorn, crisps or cookies (like mini Oreos)
  • iron-on patches (they can be also glued with clear all-purpose glue onto backpacks or other places that embroidery patches can’t attached other way)

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All of those cute party bag items can make great Xmas stocking fillers as well.


If you are curious about glittery glass worktop we used in the pictures, it came from CreoGlass Design.

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