Caribbean and Latin American Seasoning Mix – Adobo

Adobo is an all-purpose seasoning used extensively in Criollo Cucina. Creole cooking is found predominantly on Spanish-influenced islands such as Puerto Rico and Cuba. It is also very popular seasoning on most of other Caribbean islands, including Dominica.

what is Adobo seasoning

Adobo is a mixture of various ingredients, most commonly: salt, garlic powder, oregano, and pepper. It is a perfect blend to complete any fish, meat, poultry, or vegetable dish.

Adobo seasoning varieties

It comes as a powder in jars (as pictures above). The main ingredients are: salt, paprika, black pepper, oregano, onion, cumin, garlic and chilli powder. It is available now from Goya (among other brands) in different flavours, with or without hot peppers, with lemon, with coriander or plain / original one – that is the one I’m using in our recipes the most often.



Adobo seasoning has similar taste to Vegeta (vegetable seasoning) or Knorr Aromat that can be used as a replacement in the recipes. Another similar seasoning mix is Sazón, also from Goya but because of it’s unique flavour not always can it be used as Adobo substitute.


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Recipes calling for Adobo: Tuna Rice Cakes aka Tuna & Rice Mini BurgersFish Bake with Spinach and FetaSmoked Paprika Chicken with Rice, Nigella and Sesame Seeds or Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas.

Other seasoning ideas: Home-made Smoky Fajita Seasoning MixHome-made Cinnamon SugarHome-made Herbal Pepper MixHomemade Vanilla Sugar or Maggi Cubes.

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  1. Very interesting to know :D Perhaps that is what the wonderful flavours I had in Cuba were ….

  2. I love adobo, especially when making chicken soup. Perfect seasoning every time. I also use it when making key west/cuban food: yellow rice, black beans, arroz con pollo… yum!

  3. Hi Margot,
    Interesting…the flavours seems so simple, but yet does make a dish more tasty. Thanks for the info.

    Take care,
    p/s: Have fun with the dress shopping for the wedding. I have 3 weddings in the next 2 months. Luckily, I have a few dresses already from previous weddings but I hope that no one remembers that i wore it before! ;-)

  4. So interesting! I have never heard of it.

  5. Hi margot, this is very interesting to read, I’ve never heard of Adobo Powder before! *blush*
    Rosie x

  6. I have been meaning to try using Adobo spice. It sounds pretty interesting.

  7. I don’t EVER cook WITHOUT adobo! It must go in everything and yes, being Cuban, it’s part of our creole cooking…

    glad to see this post.

  8. I’ve recently discovered adobo, but in another form. It is apparently also the term used to describe a Filipino national dish. Really good food! Interesting to see how colonialist linguistic influences went around the world.

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