Maggi Cubes

Maggi cubes are seasoning (bullion) cubes that can have chicken, beef, shrimp or original vegetable flavour.  They come in two sizes: small (regular) – square about 1²cm, 4 g cubes, and jumbo – rectangular cubes that is a little bigger than traditional 10 g cube.

Vegetable Maggi comes also as a liquid seasoning for salads and cooking that have mild and hot versions.

Maggi stock cubes from Kenya Nigeria

Except the cubes & liquid seasoning, Maggi is a Nestlé brand for instant noodles, soups and many other products.

Maggi is used often in Caribbean, African, Indian and also Polish cuisine.

Your thoughts…

  1. And, let’s add Indian cuisine there too ;) A lot of Indians enjoy a Maggie in lots of spicy Indian flavors. What a coincidence that I just bought a whole bunch of Masala Maggi noodles today…we found it in an Indian grocery store – :) I had no idea they made bullion…these will be handy in soups, etc…thanks for sharing that info!

  2. i use maggi … i love maggi there is also maggi sauce …its like soy sauce + bitters mixed together. Its used in a lot in African dishes , fried rice , fish ….
    The maggi in India is however diff. Thats maggie !They make ketchup, soups and noodles like mango power girl said. in India they do not use bullion powder etc. The cuisine doesnt call fr any of those.
    mAGGI ALSO TASTES DIFF ALL OVER TH EWORLD. tHE BULLION IN aFRICA is totally diff frm the one in Europe. Same with the soups.
    Well …enough said about maggi ..:)

  3. Yup, this is in the pantry of many kitchen in these parts :)

  4. Have never seen these cubes…will raid the shops for this now :-)

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