Chicken Breast with Maple Syrup & Pears

[recipe inspired by Kevin from Closet Cooking]


4 pieces of chicken breast (cut into smaller pieces)
1 tbs grape seed oil
1 tbs unsalted butter
½ cup maple syrup
3 tbs water
1 Maggi cubes (vegetable or chicken flavour)
2 pinches salt
4 small pears (about 550g) (peeled, cored and cubed)


large frying pan or wok


Heat oil and butter in a frying pan, add chicken, season with salt and fry on medium fire till golden. Remove from the frying pan and leave aside. Add water and Maggie cube to the frying pan and fry stirring constantly over low fire till Maggie cube melts completely. Make fire a little bigger, add pear and maple syrup and cook till pears are soft.
Serve to the plates over chicken breast with some rice on a side, I served it with “Coconut Rice”.

Serve 4 people.

* You can replace chicken with turkey and pears with apples.

Your thoughts…

  1. Love the maple syrup and pears 1 I need to start cooking more with fruit, I never seem to think of it when it comes done to the actual dinner…

  2. Pears and maple syrup are a lovely combination. I just made a pork dish with apples and maple syrup that was really good. BTW: Is a maggie cube a buillon? I’ve never heard of it.

  3. Hi Margot,
    This is a great idea! Isn’t it great when we get inspired by other bloggers? Serving it with coconut rice sounds yumm.

  4. Thank you for the comments.
    Susan, please check this post to read about Maggi cubes. Yes, Maggi cubes are some kind of bullion.

  5. Oh I love this combination! I’m also a big fan of using fruits and syrup with chicken and even fish too. Yum!

  6. Oh Man, that looks soooooooooo good. We had a pears and wine ovre pork chops dish not too long ago and it made me realize how much I love pears mixed with meat in the fall. Really beautiful dish.

  7. Pears and maple syrup sound like a great combination! I will be trying this. I recently tried coconut rice for the first time and liked it. I will be working it into more meals in the future.

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