Sazón by Goya

Inside this little sachet you’ll find the secret to creating the authentic flavors of Latino and Caribbean cuisine. Sazón is special blend of seasonings makes every dish taste truly exceptional. Sazon from Goya is the most popular but other brands do make it as well. You can add it to almost any dish, in addition to spices you were planning to use. I use it for instance in chicken pelau.

Caribbean Latino flavours

Sazón’s varieties

  • Sazón (original flavour)
  • Sazón with Coriander and Annatto
  • Sazón without Annatto
  • Sazón with Azafrán
  • Sazón with Tomato and Coriander
  • Sazón with Garlic and Onion
  • Sazón-It
  • Sazón Natural and Complete (low in sodium)

unique Caribbean Latin American flavours

It brings a lot of flavour to rice, beans, meat dishes or even stews or soups. It is orangy red in colour thanks to annatto (natural colouring made from seed of achiote tree). The main ingredients in Sazón are: coriander, cumin, garlic, salt and then a some oregano and black pepper.

Sazón is quite unique and irreplaceable to create special Caribbean and Latin American dishes, but it can be easily made at home, stay tuned.

Goya Sazon seasoning in sachets


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Recipes from Caribbean and Americas.

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Your thoughts…

  1. My mother in law in Dominica introduced this to me when we went to visit the first time. She uses it in her vegetable rice, among other things.

  2. i use all the sazon products all the time. i’m lucky to live in brooklyn near a heavy dominican and puerto rican community so these products are always at my fingertips. i use them for non latino dishes too. just used some sazon tomato/coriander for veggie orzo i made! highly recommended.

  3. I love Sazon! I started using it 13 years ago; at that time I was living in Key West and learning about cuban cooking. That, along with a bottle of mojo and a can of bijol, was all I needed to churn out cuban roast pork, black beans and yellow rice with fried plantains–yum! :smile:

  4. Looks interesting, I’ll keep my eye out for it!

  5. I’m a Puerto Rican living in the UK, does anyone know where i can get Goya products in the UK? Even a website that I can order from and get it shipped to the UK? Thanks! :!: :?:

  6. Sarah – I’m not sure about other products (I still have some left from Dominica) but you can get Adobo in some shops in Peckam… also check other stores with Caribbean groceries, sometimes they have it.

  7. Lisamarie says:

    MSG is a flavor enhancer that makes everything taste good but is horrible for your body. It’s the first ingredient in Goya Sazon so of course it’s going to make everything taste exceptional. I would look for natural versions of sazon and take care of your health.

  8. MSG is not horrible for your body in the slightest, unless you are allergic to it. Read before you write!

  9. sarah!- i’m a puerto rican living in ireland and i totally feel you! they dont have goya here! i have it shipped from my family in new york but you can actually make sazon from scratch. very easy! check out this link.

  10. sarah! – again… this is for you.

  11. Luci – thank you for sharing this link, I’m sure lots of readers will find it useful! :)

  12. I agree with LisaMarie. I would not like to consume MSG. I’m trying to create my own sazon too (in my most recent entry) for a recipe.
    Great blog, keep it up!

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