Chicken Stew with Green Beans, Tomatos and Marjoram


1-1.2 kg chicken wings – 15-20 wings (cut in 3 pieces)
4 tbs grape seed oil
2 onions (cut into wedges)
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
1kg frozen green beans
2 tbs dried marjoram
5 small Maggi cubes
1 cup of water
4 tbs garlic puree or some freshly chopped or minced garlic


Fry chicken and onions on oil on the bottom of large pot until onions turn golden. Then stir in warer, marjoram, tomatoes, Maggi cubes and garlic puree and cook covered till chicken is soft. Add beans, cook some more till beans are soft. Remove cover and let some water evaporate and create nice but not too thick gravy.

Serve with rice, pasta or some baked potato wedges on a side.

Serve 5-6 people.

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  1. Wow, looks great and sooo healthy! I must admit, not sure exactly what marjoram tastes like, but know i’ve got some in that dang cupboard. Must try…thanks!

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