Photo Quiz # 1 (CLOSED) – Answer and Announcing The Winner


Do you remember this quiz?

Quiz # 1 – Prize: Red Apple Carry Bag


The correct answer is: melon (more precisely cantaloupe / rock melon) scooped out with a melon baller.
I will write more about cantaloupe melons and melon baller tool in separate posts.

Thank you everyone for participating! I received many emails with correct and also wrong answers, the most common were “honey comb”, “corn” and “papaya”.
To decide who is going to receive the prize, I wrote down names on little pieces of paper, and my daughter picked the winner.

And the winner is: Bron of Bron Marshall from New Zeland!!!

Congratulations Bron! :)


I will be hosting another quiz shortly so visit again soon! ;)

Your thoughts…

  1. Oh what a delightful surprise!! Thank you so much Margot, although I’m not too sure I really deserve it! Thanks so much!!

  2. I never would have guessed :D

  3. Congratulations to bron – I wouldn’t have guessed it either :D
    Rosie x

  4. Hey, I missed that Margot..Will look out for the next one..
    See ya soon!!

  5. Yeah, I also miss this one. Look forward to the next quiz! :)

  6. that was fun, well done to Bron.
    and you have such a cute little assistant, Margot.
    looking forward to the next one.

  7. This was fun, great idea to have quizzes, Margot. Although I didn’t win, at least I knew that I was right ;-)

    Cute photo of Marissa. She is truly adorable!

    x Nora

  8. Margot, missed that one…will keep an eye out for the next :-D..and little M is such a cutie.

  9. snif snif snif, im sad not to win :-( btw your baby is adorable!!

  10. YAAAAYYYY!! Bron won!! I didn’t know if there is any quiz hehehe…

  11. :( too late for this one … i knew it , i love honey melon !!!
    Margot your son is such a cutie !

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