Lunchbox # 14 – Baked Chick Pea and Sweet Potato Patties / Burgers

Lunchbox # 14 (for 2 year old girl)


  • mini naan bread with garlic and herbs – cut in 4
  • Baked Chick Pea and Sweet Potato Burger – cut in 2 (follow the link for recipe)
  • seedless white grapes
  • pieces of tomato
  • few crackers
  • Blackcurrant tea (not pictured)
  • 1 mini KitKat bar
  • mini (60g) fruit yogurt
  • napkin and a spoon (not pictured)


More lunchboxes coming soon…. some already existing recipes for Lunchbox Food you can find here.

Your thoughts…

  1. yummy!! interesting this combination of chick pea and sweet potato for patties i could already imagine the taste :-)

  2. wow, that looks really cute and healthy margot! I was thinking of sending my soup for your event, but wasn’t sure whether it’d be appropriate??

  3. Yes, of course.
    Anything that you would take with you as a lunch counts!
    Looking forward seeing your entry… :)

  4. I love grapes and I think super healthful that lunch you prepared for Marissa.
    Kisses and hugs :)

  5. Margot …pls pack me one of those as well ! i promise to be a good gal :P

  6. The lunch box event is a great idea. However, my lunch box is usually not so nicely packed like yours. I also pack lunch for G, again, it’s not as pretty. I should maybe post it anyway and call it, “Lunch Box for a 29 year old”… ha ha!

  7. You have very interesting lunch box ideas! Wish we carried such a lunch box in school(:-)

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