Vintage Blue, Green, Grey and B&W Studio – Home Decor Theme

Do you remember Blue Colour Themes for The House we were posting some time ago?

This is the last one of the themes… our dream studio, craft room or home office space in B&W with blue and grey accents, lots of green and natural wood textures. Minimalistic decor with potted plants, tropical leaf patterns, vintage posters, retro gadgets and B&W photographs.

black and white studio with greys greens blues and natural wood

Images from the colour theme courtesy of stores, starting from the top left: Metal Basket Cage Ceiling Pendant Light Shade – Chrome, Summer Thornton “Palm Leaves” Canvas PrintSigel Magnetic Glass Board – Natural Wood, Frame Company Connolly “Ryan Fowler Polar Bear Soda Co” – Black, Akai Portable Retro Radio – Black, Rebecca Desk Table – Natural Blue Wood, Retro Vinyl Record Player Wall Clock – Black, Swan Vintage Desk Fan – Blue, Luxbon – Sago Cycas Leaf Cushion CoverBirlea Loft 2 – Seater Sofa – Grey, Retro 746 Telephone – French Blue, Europalms Monstera Deliciosa.

We haven’t done much in this direction yet, as we do not have separate office space but I do try to keep this theme in my little corner by the sofa where I spend a lot of time on the laptop.

Pictures will follow soon…

blackboard decorated with chalk markers

Blackboard decorated with chalk markers would work well with this theme… I may need to get plain, square board rather than this heart shaped one, borrowed from my girls.


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