Hoya Carnosa & Other Wax Plants

If you are regular reader of this blog you must certainly know about my obsession with succulents & cacti but wax plants have a warm place in my heart as well… they are great for decorating home and quite easy to care for.

Ever since I was big enough to remember, Hoyas were always present in our Warsaw flat. I had one of them with me in London but after our move to Brighton it did not look good until I placed the pot on different (East facing) window. In the last few months our Hoya got plenty new leaves and to my big surprise, couple of days ago, started blooming too, for the very first time – images below, enjoy.

hoya carnosa hoya plant hoya species

Hoyas also called wax plants are climbing species native to Asia and Australia. They have thick waxy leaves and clusters of  sticky flowers that produce delicate sweet scent at night.

hoya species propagating hoya plant

Hoya carnosa blossom

Propagating Hoyas is relatively easy – one rooted leaf or stem is enough to start the entire new plant. To propagate Hoya leaf or stem cutting should be placed in water to root, once rooted (usually within couple of weeks) it can be transferred to the pot with soil.

hoya carnosa blossom close photo flower macro photos

Hoya carnosa flower close-up

Each year flowers appear on the same spurs and therefore they should not be removed or damaged while replanting Hoyas.

hoya plant cuttings UK

Hoya carnosa flowers

Hoyas like light, lots of light but too much direct sunlight can make their leaves yellowish green while not enough sun will make them very dark green.

Hoya carnosa flower nectar hoya plant nectar

Hoya carnosa flowers close-up

I also like to spray our plants regularly with water to clean the leaves from dust.

hoya carnosa flower macro shot close up photo

Hoya carnosa flower close-up

They are climbing plants that need either to be hanging from shelf or hanging planter or they will need some kind of plant support.

hoya plant care instructions hoya plant propagation

Hoya carnosa – unopened flowers


  • Hoya carnosa has from yellowish white to light pink, star shaped flowers with reddish pink centre and oblong leaves speckled with white bits.
  • Hoya kerrii / the sweetheart hoya / the valentine has heart shaped leaves and orangy pink flowers.


More species and images coming soon…

Some of the images (the close-ups) from this post has been originally taken for the 52 Week Photo Challenge I’m taking part in.

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Your thoughts…

  1. hello,
    Came upon your lovely website when I was searching for a local (Brighton) place to purchase a hoya plant….no result.
    Very cheeky (but that’s me)….just thought I’d ask, any chance of a cutting? Pretty please.
    Yours sincerely,
    Connie of Brighton
    ( seven dials)

  2. I know, I’ve been searching for different hoya varieties in Brighton as well, no luck so far… but if you are interested in the hoya carnosa I have last rooted cutting left :)

  3. The hoya carnosa and its relative the carnosa tricolor (tricolor referring to the variegated leaves) have very similar flower. The tricolor has a bit of a pink tint. Your closeups pictures of the flower against the ball of yard really shows the flower well. Keep up the good images and information.

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