Reminder of Summer – DIY Strawberry Nail Art for Kids

Make summer last longer with those easy to achieve strawberry nails I’ve done for my daughter…


  • light colour nail varnish for the base (we used shimmering light green)
  • red or pink nail varnish (best one of the non-toxic nail varnishes)
  • green nail art pen (we used glitter one)
  • white or light pink nail art pen (we used light pink)

strawberry nail art design for girls


  1. Paint all nails with base colour.
  2. Using red or pink nail varnish paint strawberry like shapes.
  3. Top them with few strokes of green for leaves.
  4. Finish of dotting with white / light pink nail art pen for the seeds.

strawberry nail art photo


Looking for more nail design patterns? Here are some nail art ides for all seasons.

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