Extremely Easy Two Ingredient Mango & Chocolate Sorbet

This is extremely easy to make and healthy mango and chocolate sorbet recipe that calls only for two ingredients… and there is no ice cream machine required to make it. It contains pure mango purée and chocolate pieces, nothing else (!) No dairy, no gluten and can be sugar free, too.

mango sorbet without ice cream maker


  • 850 g mango pulp from the tin or some fresh mangoes (peeled, de-seeded and blended)
  • 100 g / handful of chocolate chips or some chopped chocolate bar (check ingredients for gluten-free and dairy free chocolate)


  • plastic mixing bowl or other freezable container
  • spoon

how to make mango sorbet recipe


  1. In a container combine mango pulp with the chocolate chips.
  2. Place in the freezer. To make sure that the chocolate chips are spread evenly and sorbet has smooth consistency stir every 30 minutes, for about 3 hours or until it is too thick to mix.
  3. A while before serving remove from the freezer and leave aside to let the sorbet soften a bit.
  4. Share and enjoy.

Makes 8 small or 4 bigger portions. 


For sugar-free version use fresh mangoes rather than tinned pulp as some contain added sugar.

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  1. These look so yummy and the little buckets and spades! I die of cuteness!

  2. What a fabulous and effective idea Margo, my daughter would love this as she’s mad on mangoes:-)

  3. This sounds so delicious. I love mango and it looks really healthy too. Brilliant recipe!

  4. Love the little buckets and spades, so cute! Perfect summer treat!

  5. What a great idea. I love mangos, and so does my son. He’d especially love this served in those cute little buckets.

  6. How easy! And perfect for summer too.

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