Homemade Jelly


2 cups natural juice of your choice (I used grape, blueberry and raspberry juice)
10-12g gelatine (or according to the packet instructions) or 12g Vege-Gel (vegetarian substitute for gelatine) or  6 gelatine leaves (about 10g)


In a small saucepan heat over low fire juice but do not boil. You can also use microwave. Remove from fire, add gelatine or Vege-Gel, keep stirring till gelatine melt completely.

If using gelatine leaves, cut it into pieces with kitchen scissors, place on the bottom of the pot with only enough juice to cover it, let it dissolve for about 10-15 minutes. Add rest of the juice and heat only until gelatine is completely melted, do not boil.

Pour to the bowls or containers and place in the fridge for few hours for jelly to get firm.

Make 2 cups of jelly or plenty little ones ideal for lunchboxes.

  • Recently my 2 year old daughter love eating jellies and puddings.
    After I read ingredients on the packet of instant jelly I bought and I got scared… all those colours and artificial flavours can’t be good for anyone, especially for children. So I decided to try make jelly myself, it came out maybe not so colourful but more tasty and it was easier to prepare than the instant one.
    I pour jelly into small (100ml) plastic containers, my daughter loves them.

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