Colour Palettes for Home

When you are getting gadgets or bigger items for your home, do you stick to any colour palettes? I like to get things that match with my dream blue colour themes but sometimes I come across something I like so much, that despite not matching any theme, I buy it anyway…

Those are couple of ideas that are a bit different from what we have planned at first but I like experimenting with new colours, at least in digital form. As for the house I will probably stay faithful to previously chosen themes for the living room, guest room / granny room, kitchenbathroom and en suite / toilet at least for now, except for the kids’ room as their taste has changed a bit.

colour palettes for kitchen

Blue and red shades would work great in the kitchen.

natural colour palette for living room and bedroom

Natural beiges, light greens and purples could be good for the bedroom or living room.

pastel colour palettes for kids girls room

Pretty pastels for girls’ room… recently mint green, baby blue and lilac is their favourite.

home office colour palettes

And blacks with different shades of green make perfect home office space. Imagine black computers, lots of green plants round the desk and aqua blue elements or maybe even chairs.

More colour themes coming soon… stay tuned.


If you can keep removable home elements in the same shades (for instance flower pots) so they can be easily moved to another room, without destroying the themes.

Choose one, your favourite colour, as a main accent for all of the rooms. For me it would be dirty blue.


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