Wax Resist & Oxide Painted Pottery

handmade pottery

Below – two terracotta clay bowls that I made some time ago during pottery workshops I attend.

Both dishes are made using wax resist and oxide technique, one was underglazed before applying wax resist, the second after. The other difference is colour of the oxide.

handmade terracotta bowl

freshly made terracotta clay bowl

bowl with wax resist pattern

bisque fired terracotta bowl painted with wax resist

cobalt oxide pottery

then with cobalt oxide paint

white and blue pottery

and then covered with white underglaze and fired again

handmade terracotta plate

terracotta clay bowl

how to do wax resist technique

underglazed, bisque fired and then covered with wax resist

how to paint pottery with oxide

then painted with copper oxide

green and white pottery

fired again, ready bowl

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