Traditional English Breakfast Alternative – Green Pepper and Red Onion Egg Fry Up

shargrilled veggies fried up breakfast

This is my alternative to traditional full English breakfast, which I make sometimes as well (minus the sausages).


  • 2 eggs
  • a little bit of butter or oil to fry (I used real butter)
  • 2 slices of brown bread (toasted)
  • ½ green bell pepper (coarsely diced)
  • ½ red onion (cut into wedges)
  • couple of cherry tomatoes to serve
  • Thai chilli & garlic sauce to serve


  1. On the frying pan fry eggs.
  2. Top toasted bread slices with it.
  3. In meantime on the same frying pan, without adding any extra butter or oil, fry onions and peppers for a short while, only until browned but still crunchy.
  4. Serve with some fresh cherry tomatoes and generous amount of hot sauce (Thai chilli & garlic sauce is my favourite) on a side.

Serves 1 person.


Replace green peppers with any other peppers, if you prefer, personally I like bitterness of the green peppers in combination with sweet red onions.

Optionally sprinkle with some grated Cheddar.

More ideas how to use green peppers:

What To Do With Green Bell Peppers?

Your thoughts…

  1. Sylwia Presley says:

    Best breakfast ever!:) 

  2. You should visit us more often then :)

  3. This looks delicious, will give this a go for me and my daughter this week and let you know how it goes down ;-)

    1. Hey, nice to hear from you! :)
      Yes, do let me now how she likes it, mine love red peppers but not so much the green ones.

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