What To Do With Green Bell Peppers?

green pepper recipes frozen green peppers

A while ago green bell peppers where the only veggies that were wasting in our kitchen…  When I was buying a bag of mixed bell peppers, green peppers were useless: if cooked with food for too long they were turning bitter, raw also not so nice to eat, unless I was making, omelette,  fajitas or other dish requiring short cooking / stir-frying.
So I started chopping and freezing green peppers (image above) and whenever I wanted to make an omelette or scrambled eggs (perfect on the top of crunchy bread with some cheese) I had them ready and the most important – they were not getting spoiled in the fridge any more (!)

Below few other ideas on how I use green bell peppers… And what are you doing with your green peppers?

Mexican Spicy Bean Omelette

spicy omelette spicy egg with beans

Homemade Coconut, Pepper and Coriander Sauce for Pasta and/or Chicken

home made coconut sauce with coriander

Traditional English Breakfast Alternative – Green Pepper and Red Onion Egg Fry Up

full English breakfast alternative fry up

Coconut Curry Veggies with Roasted Cashews

Caribbean cabbage with cashew nuts

Spicy Smoked Fajitas with Red Kidney Beans and Tomato

smoked paprika fajitas

Your thoughts…

  1. what a good idea. I also put it in spicy lentil soup.

  2. What a great idea Margot. I’m still sold on your gorgeous Coconut, Pepper and Coriander Sauce mmmmmm… :D

  3. Rosie – I made this sauce twice only this week :) I still have some in my fridge to use for sandwiches… I’m glad you like it too (!)

    Maybelles Mom – what a good idea, I often make lentil soup, must try with green peppers.

  4. I love green bell peppers because we get a ton of them here. I use them a lot in stir fries, wraps, sandwiches & on pizzas toppings. Great idea to freeze them. I hate it when something spoils…

  5. I saute them with onions to eat with sausages…. but, yes, freezing is a great idea.

  6. We love green bell peppers! I like to freeze them too. I use them in stews, stir frys, red beans and rice, jambalaya, chili, eggs, salads… wow, we just add them to everything. They rarely last but when I think they are going to spoil I just dice and pop in the freezer.

  7. Too bad green peppers are the cheapest out of all of them, b/c the red ones are definitely better.

    The way I typically use green peppers is to stuff them with ground beef, rice, etc.

  8. You don’t like them raw? I grew up snacking on them raw, so I enjoy them that way.

  9. Thank you, now I have few more ideas on how to use green peppers.
    Camille – I know that it can sound strange, but no, I don’t like them raw… I mean I would eat them without problem, but if I can choose, I will always go for red or yellow peppers, but red ones are my favourite, especially roasted:

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