Homemade Coconut, Pepper and Coriander Sauce

Coffee and Vanilla


for the sauce

200g bar of creamed coconut (from the fridge)
2 large or 4 small bell peppers (red and green in 2:1 proportions)
1 onion (chopped)
1 cup fresh chopped coriander / cilantro or 2 tbs dried one – optional
sea salt to taste
¾ cup of hot water
black peppercorns (freshly cracked) – optional
dash of hot sauce – optional


small saucepan for the sauce
hand blender


In a small saucepan place oily part of creamed coconut bar, peppers, onion, coriander (if dried is used) and simmer until peppers and onions are soft, add also water, the rest of creamed coconut and simmer until coconut is melted, remove from fire. Add coriander (if fresh is used), blend, season to taste with salt and optionally black pepper. Leave aside.

This recipe make enough sauce for 4-6 portions.

  • If you are using fresh coriander, don’t cook this sauce (coriander taste better uncooked), add at the end to cooked pasta, chicken or other dish.
  • You can replace creamed coconut bar with tin or package of coconut cream (about 300g) but then skip some or all the water.
  • For pasta: just pour over cooked pasta, sprinkle with some Parmesan, freshly cracked pepper and serve.
  • For chicken: pour over cooked, baked or fried chicken, for instance, chicken breast fried on butter.
  • For fish: fry on little bit of butter white fish such as cod or haddock, serve with some boiled baby potatoes and the sauce. Taste also good with grilled raw smoked mackerel.
  • For marrow fat peas: cook or steam previously soaked peas, drain, stir in sauce and serve.
  • Leftover sauce you can use cold instead of butter for the sandwiches.
  • Taste great with baked potatoes and onions or with salads.
  • More ideas on how to use green peppers can be found here.
  • I’m submitting this recipe to Ruth’s Presto Pasta Nights hosted this week by Katerina from Daily Unadventures In Cooking.

Your thoughts…

  1. This sounds absolutely delicious!!

  2. Wow – this looks fantastic! I’m glad I found this recipe and your blog on Tastespotting! I’ll definitely be giving this a try.

  3. I am familiar with canned coconut cream and packaged shredded coconut. However, I do not have the slightest idea of where to purchase a bar of creamed coconut. Can I substitute canned coconut cream, packaged shredded coconut, or perhaps a combination of the two and reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe?

  4. I never tried on this recipe, but usually when I can’t get or want low fat alternative I use 1½ cup coconut milk powder with a little bit of water instead of 200g bar of creamed coconut.
    You can get creamed coconut bars in most supermarkets, cheapest are KTC or Dunn’s River brands from Caribbean section (£0.30-£0.50), then you can find creamed coconut in Asian section from Patak’s that cost about £0.65 and finally Blue Dragon in Oriental section, that cost about £1.

  5. This sounds absolutely gorgeous margot!! You know I just adore pasta and chicken so thats me sorted for tea :D

  6. What a glorious dish for over pasta…or frankly, it looks good enough to eat all by itself with a spoon!

    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.

  7. This looks great! I love the idea of using it on pasta or chicken, too :)

  8. Love stuff with coconut..Great colors in your photography also… Great work

  9. I love coconut sauces in curries, etc. but ESPECIALLY in pasta. This looks truly delicious.

  10. Carolyn Alderson says:

    It was delicious! Thank you

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