Simple English Fry Up Breakfast

Recently I’m craving English breakfast like never before… I can wake up early in morning even on Sunday to make it for everyone or make it for lunch and today I made it again.


6-8 eggs
2 tbs unsalted butter
1 tsp oil for greasing the griddle pan
16-20 cherry tomatoes
16-20 button or chestnut mushrooms (halved)
400g tin of baked beans
black peppercorns
sea salt
6-8 slices of toasted bread (I used wholemeal with pumpkin and sunflower seeds)
butter for bread
6-8 sausages such as Frankfurters (halved or cut in 3) – optional


2-3 frying pans, one of them should be good for char grilling, griddle pan would be the best


On slightly greased griddle pan fry cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and optionally sausages until browned (I made them for everyone except me as I don’t eat red meat), leave aside on frying pan to keep it warm.

In meantime place ½ tbs of butter on each of remaining two frying pans and fry eggs on them to your liking, season to taste with sea salt. Share them to the plates.

When eggs are ready use one of the frying pans to heat the beans, add some freshly cracked pepper and 1 tbs of unsalted butter. Share to the plates.

Serve with previously char grilled mushrooms, sausages and tomatoes and freshly toasted bread with butter.

Make 4 servings.

Your thoughts…

  1. neato! is it really baked beans for breakfast in England? ooh those mushrooms/tomatoes/sausage sound so good.

  2. Yes, you can get breakfast like this in almost any cafe here… I did not like it on the beginning but recently I got crazy especially about those char grilled mushrooms and tomatoes :)

  3. This looks amazing! I love the deep flavors of an English breakfast–grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, beans have a magical alchemy…love your recipe, Margot :)

  4. I LOVE a full English breakfast–including black pudding (I am married to a Brit, after all). Yours looks amazing and it’s making me so hungry!

  5. we had this for dinner a little while back! the sausages are missing here LOL! but i love english breakfast almost anytime of the day!

  6. These fry-ips are the best kind of breakfasts Margot.

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