Up-cycled Jewelry Box Doll’s Wardrobe DIY

I found this jewelry box on January sales and could not resist getting it… not for myself but for my girls and their dolls.

One drawer and most of the knobs were either missing or not connected properly. We have fixed it within couple of minutes by giving it first a good clean with rubbing alcohol and then attaching shank buttons as drawer / door handles with Sugru (as you can see on the wardrobe door). We have used the whole little pack to attach 3 buttons but it could easily last to attach 4 buttons… if the drawer wasn’t missing.

dolls wardrobe DIY


  • broken jewellery box
  • buttons with shanks
  • 5 g Sugru pack (we used snow white)

dolls wardrobe diy project

After attaching the knobs we left the wardrobe laying down on it’s back overnight for Sugru to settle.

In meantime we made some cute little hangers out of paperclips.

toy wardrobe diy craft


We have mentioned Sugru previously here and here.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Oh my gosh what a clever idea, it looks adorable! I need to create something like this for my daughter as I am sick of finding doll accessories all over the place xx

  2. I know, Barbie seem to have more shoes and purses than all of us altogether! :)

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