Handmade Mulberry Paper Stamped Party Invitations / Cards

Mulberry paper heart stamp DIY invitations


  • square pieces of handmade Mulberry paper
  • pieces of ribbon tied into bows
  • square blank cards with envelopes
  • glitter glues, we used orange and pink
  • colourful ink (we used purple bingo dabber instead)
  • marker – same colour as the ink
  • craft glue


  • large stamp for the front of the card
  • little stamp for the back of the card – optional

back of the card with especially for you sign


  1. Stamp square piece of Mulberry paper with bigger stamp, we used swirly heart design.
  2. With a marker make dots all over the paper, try to make it in some kind of pattern.
  3. Once ink is dry cover some parts of the design with glitter glue in similar colour to your ink.
  4. Using different colour of the glitter glue cover the dots and leave the paper aside until dry, best overnight.
  5. Optionally stamp also back of the blank card with the little stamp, ours was saying “especially for you” and top it with a little bit of glitter as well, leave to dry.
  6. Once all glitter is dry stick with glue Mulberry paper squares onto front of blank cards.
  7. Connect also bows with craft glue and leave aside again until completely dry, another night perhaps.
  8. Repeat the same steps with all the cards.

stamped heart design on handmade paper


We made those cards as birthday party invitations when my daughter was turning 6, last summer…

To make them we used handmade Mulberry paper which has added some natural materials for texture.

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