Monkey Molly’s Crochet Dress & Shoes – Free Pattern

Molly used to be my sister’s monkey but she was left for my older daughter to take care of.

Molly has a very cute pyjamas she usually spends the whole days in but she did not have any daytime outfit and it was urgently needed for her planned holidays in Scotland (to visit my sister)… so I had to quickly come up with something.

I’m not that good at sewing so decided to crochet dress for her and as we still had some yarn left I made also the shoes.



  • about 80 g DK yarn (depending on size of the plush toy)
  • 2 satin ribbons or ribbon flowers for the shoes – optional




Please note that names of the stitches vary, this is UK pattern, click through for UK & US crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), half treble crochet (htr), triple crochet / treble (tr), slip stitch (ss)


  • start with ch long enough to go around toy’s waist
  • connect two ends of the chain with  ss


  • Work 1 ch instead of first dc and then continue with dc into each chain of the foundation.


  • Work 3 ch for the first tr and then continue working tr into stitches of the foundation round adding extra stitches by working 2 tr instead of 1 tr into every second stitch.
  • Continue like this for as many rounds as it is needed to make the dress long enough.



  • Work 2 ch for first htr and then couple more htr along the waistline of the dress.
  • Reduce stitches by skipping the last stitch of the base and then turn.
  • Work htr for 3 – 4 rounds until in reaches toy’s neck.
  • Close the round with ss.



  • To make the straps work 3 – 4 dc in two places apart from each other along the waistline on the back of the dress.
  • Start with one strap, when it is long enough finish with couple of chains for the button loop.
  • Close it with ss.
  • Do the same to make another strap.
  • Attach buttons to the front of the dress and voilà, the dress is ready.


  • To make the shoes work 3 ch and close with ss.
  • Work 1 ch for the first dc and then continue working dc to close the round adding when necessary extra dc stitches to keep the shoe sole flat.
  • Work as many rounds as needed to make the sole big enough, then stop adding extra stitches so the shoe will start curling up.
  • Once the shoe is deep enough run chain across the shoe and connect it on the other side of the shoe to create a strap.
  • Then work dc into the chain for couple of rows reducing stitches each time to make half a circle for the top of the shoe.
  • It should be connected to the shoe only by the chain base, to connect it work dc on outside along the front of the shoe.
  • Close with ss.
  • Repeat the same to create another shoe.
  • Optionally sew on the satin bows.



We made also bag for Molly so she could pack her pyjamas and other bits… pattern for crocheted bag is coming up next.

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