DIY Arabian Dancer Costume for The Aladdin School Play

Aladdin Arabian Middle Eastern Dancer Costume Outfit Dress up


  • frilly shirt (charity shop)
  • leggings (on hand)
  • plastic jewels (local market)
  • sparkly elastic – about 1,5 m (local market)
  • sparkly shoes (on hand)
  • sparkly see-through fabric – about 1 m ² or a bit more (local fabric store)

Arabian dancer golden hair band with jewels


  • 1. To make the hair band cut piece of the sparkly elastic and sew it together, decorate with some jewels.

Aladdin Arabian dancer pants belt with jewels

  • 2. Do the same with the belt, but leave attaching the jewels for last. Attach square piece of the fabric first. Depending on the child’s hight 1 m ² of the fabric may be a bit too long so cut off the excess. You can use it to decorate the shirt as we did.

Arabian dancer costume top with frilly sleeves


If you have any left over piece of the elastic and jewels you can make also a bracelet like we did here for the Halloween outfit.

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