Planning Ahead – Weekly Dinner Menu

Due to some changes in our live I have no more time and energy to shop whenever I feel like so I decided to go back to weekly shopping in online supermarket.

And to do so I have to prepare menu for the week ahead so I won’t buy unnecessary items and I won’t run out of things I need before the week end.

low in calories spicy coconut milk soup with leaves

Spicy Coconut Milk Soup

To reduce the cost I will try also match the recipes so if for instance I need to buy bunch of coriander and I will use only half of it for one recipe, I will match another one that require half a bunch of coriander so nothing will be wasted.

I will try also use more seasonal ingredients and buy some of the items, like fresh herbs, on the local market, but most of the heavy stuff will be delivered to my door ;)

Here is our menu for this week:

Do you plan your family meals or simply buy set of favourite ingredients and improvize as you go?

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