Gołąbki Wegetariańskie (Polish Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls)


2 green or white cabbages (20 big leaves and more)
2 tins chopped tomatoes (400g each)
3 vegetable cubes (10g each)
1 tbs caraway seeds
6 bay leaves
left over leaves to put on the bottom of the pot

for the filling
2 cups soya mince
½ cup easy cook brown rice
3 cups boiling water
1 tbs Vegeta (vegetable stock granules)
1 handfuls dried garlic flakes
1 tbs dried dill
2 tbs mild curry powder
½ tsp ground cumin seeds
1 handfuls fresh or frozen parsley
1 large onion (chopped)
2 tbs oil to fry onions
2 eggs


Boil water in large pot, place cabbages inside and cook till it get softer to easy separate the leaves.
Prepare filling: fry onions and then mix all ingredients together and keep aside till soya soak all the water.
Place filling inside the leaves and fold. Put all left over leaves on the bottom of the large pot, place inside tightly cabbage rolls, tomatoes, enough water to cover the rolls, seasonings and cubes.

Cook covered on low fire for about an hour.

Serve with boiled potatoes mashed with butter and dill and some sauce from cooking the rolls.

Makes 20 cabbage rolls.

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  1. Wow I love this recipe just what I need for a change.

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