Homemade Tamarind Jam

I made this tamarind jam out of sweet tamarind but regular, sour tamarind like the one found in the Caribbean would work here better, if you like tangy flavours.

tamarind jam recipe


500 g tamarind pods
6 cups water or a little bit more
1½ cups golden caster sugar

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  1. Peel tamarind, place in a pot over low/medium fire, add water and sugar and cook for about an hour and half.
  2. Add a little bit more water if needed, cook some more.
  3. Optionally press through the strainer to remove seeds, then place in the jars and close immediately.
  4. I did not remove seeds as we like to suck on them.

Makes about 2 – 3 medium jars of jam.


To make sure that there is no air in the jar you may also pour over the top a little bit of rectified spirit, set it on fire and close the lid while the spirit is still burning (Polish way).


If you are looking for more tamarind recipes, take a look at Dominican Tamarind Balls or Carrot Soup with Tamarind and Coriander Pesto Bread.

Your thoughts…

  1. Ooo I like this! I love tamarind and have a jar, and every couple of weeks, I tell myself I ought to make something using tamarind…but somehow, I don’t. I’m curious to see what you use this jam with–it sounds like it could be a very fun condiment to have!

  2. Mike, you can use it on toasted bread with butter, taste very good ;)

  3. Is this jam meant to be preserved via waterbath? Or is it the ‘keep in fridge and eat it soon’ variety?

  4. Cherie, thank you for your message.
    I must admit that I never tied to store it, just made few jars that disappeared very shortly after… so I was just keeping them in the fridge.

  5. i added a little clove to give the tamarind another dimension, also used honey instead of sugar for subtle sweetness! so good! thanks for the recipe!!

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