Tamarind Balls from Dominica

tamarind balls recipe from Caribbean island of Dominica



  1. Mash tamarind with brown sugar, do not remove seeds.
  2. Create about 4 cm wide balls, roll them in white sugar and enjoy.
  3. You can store them for weeks even outside the fridge.


I wouldn’t recommend eating more than one tamarind ball a day. They are delicious but very sour… if you eat too many your mouth will be sore the following day ;)

Those tamarind balls were brought to us from Dominica by my husband’s mother and made by his brother Martin, thank you!

Your thoughts…

  1. it reminds me of my favorite tamarind candies in Jakarta. I’ll definetely try this recipe. thank you.

  2. woah this looks gorgeous!

  3. I love tamarind flavor so I’d probably like these! Very unique.

  4. very nice!
    In T&T, we make them with some hot peppers also – varying degrees, but a lovely mix of sour, sweet and HOT.

  5. This certainly sounds easy enough to make! I love all the things you’ve been doing with tamarind lately. Its definitely an under-appreciated flavor

  6. What about the seeds? The only whole tamarind I’ve tried had big black tooth-breaker seeds – maybe there’s a different type?

  7. Thank you for all comments :D

    Chennette – it was very sour, but I love it this way, no… no hot peppers… but sounds like a very good idea :)

    Lisa – seeds are inside the balls, that is the best part, sucking on them ;)

  8. This was definitely a school-time snack :)

  9. Looks good! I would not be able to stop at just one. :-D

  10. Oh yum… these are the tamarind balls you mentioned.. Sure you can send this to me… I’d love to include these delicious treats in the round up… :)

  11. Like Chennette, I like mine with a touch of pepper. The sweet, the salt, the hot together -it works – believe it or not. I love how you take something that is ordinary for me and make me see it in a new light. Not the most attractive sweet but you have used props creatively to make it look interesting. Kudos

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