Roasted Sweet Corn with Lime & Coriander Butter

[adapted from Waitrose magazine]


  • 4 fresh sweet corns (peeled, cut into 2 – 3 pieces or in one piece)
  • small handful of fresh coriander leaves (chopped finely)
  • pinch or two of chilli powder – optional 
  • 35 g unsalted butter (softened)
  • zest of ½ unwaxed lime
  • juice of ½ – 1 lime
  • sea salt to taste

roasted corn on the cob with coriander lime butter


  • baking tray with rack
  • lemon zester
  • lemon juicer

roasted corn on the cob with chili lime butter


  1. Place corn on baking tray with rack, bake in 180°C (356°F) turning from time to time, until corn is coming out easily from the cob and some parts are turning brown.
  2. In meantime prepare lime and coriander butter, beating together butter, lime zest, lime juice and coriander.
  3. Season to taste with salt and chilli powder, mix well.
  4. When corn is ready, place butter on a side and serve immediately.

Serves 4 people as a side dish.


Roasted this way corn taste also good with any other flavoured butter, or just plain salted butter.

Roasted this way corn tastes good with some roasted sweet potatoes on a side.

Your thoughts…

  1. I can’t get enough summer corn lately–roasted, grilled, sauteed. Thanks for another delicious idea, Margot! Happy Friday. :)

  2. Oooh Margot…love the idea. Never heard of a herbed butter like this. Have all the ingredients too (for once; including a lemon zester). Sweetcoen is one of my faves…

  3. I love corn on the cob but haven’t gotten enough of it yet this year. I also love my zester and don’t know what I’d do without it, they’re great!

  4. I really like the sound of corn with cilantro and lime butter!

  5. Hi Margot,
    This Lime and Coriander Butter sounds really interesting & versatile.

    Happy birthday for Friday….sorry I am late, got caught up with other things. But I didn’t forget so, check out my latest blog entry. ;-)


  6. That sounds like a tasty butter to go with corn. I’ve never tried something like that–I’ve only done salt, pepper, and butter. I’ll have to give this a try

  7. Oh this sounds simply gorgeous. Love the butter idea and I bet this would work well with grilled corn too.

  8. Hi Margot, I really do love the sound of lime and coriander butter on corn – really fresh and summery :D

    Rosie x

  9. I tried already different herbed butters for corn, and this one my favourite one, very fresh…. I will post one more herbed corn shortly, I made it few times aleady but never got a chance to take picture… with garlic and parsley butter :D

  10. Lime and coriander butter… I think I just swooned!

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