Christmas Menu

On 25th, in the morning, kids will find stockings full of sweets.

Then – breakfast:

Polish Vegetable Salad
– freshly baked bread rolls, for instance: Soft Half White Bread Rolls with Poppy Seeds
– smoked turkey ham

– plenty of sweets from the socks (for kids)

– apple, cranberry, orange juices, water, tea, coffee

Family arrives, opening of the gifts, dinner:

Wild Mushroom Soup
Mushroom & Sour Cabbage “Pierogi” (Polish Filled Dumplings) I will make mini version to go with the soup

Roasted Herb Butter Turkey with Onion, Lemon and Pine Nut Stuffing in Creamy Onion and Thyme Gravy

– homemade cranberry sauce I got the sauce from my friend Monika, made by her mom, delicious!
Turnip and Potato Gratin
– more Polish Vegetable Salad

Grandma Nina Pischinger (Polish wafer dessert) – coffee and walnut flavours
– chocolates or truffles: Dark Chocolate Truffles

Mulled Orange Wine

– apple, cranberry, orange juices, water, tea, coffee

There is few more things I would love to prepare but won’t have time, visit Seasonal Recipes page to see other recipes.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Margot & Family

  • This year our gifts have little pictures on the gift tags next to the names, so Marissa, that is 2 years old, can share the gifts :)

Your thoughts…

  1. Your menu sounds delicious. I do love perogis!

  2. purplesque says:

    Thanks for the comment! Happy Holidays..your menu sounds amazing!

  3. yum, is there a place at the christmas table for me?
    your menu sounds wonderful, Margot. have a lovely holiday season with your family. XO

  4. Merry Christmas Margot. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Happy New Year and don’t forget to drink lots, eat lots and be Merry :)

  5. Hi Margot – your Christmas menu sounds really good. Hope you and your family will enjoy the Christmas. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. wow! That is a fantastic menu – can join you? :-)

    Merry Christmas, Margot. It’s been great getting to know you the last few months. I look forward to more of that next year.

    xx Nora

  7. Sounds good! Have a great Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and the family, Margot.

  9. what a wonderful meal. merry christmas!

  10. Everything sounds delicious including the perogies. LOVE those!! Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. I hope it is everything you hope for and more!

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