Lunchbox # 27 – Wholemal Cream Cheese Sandwich, Fish Shaped Egg & Grapes

Lunchbox # 27 (for 4 year old girl)

Coffee and Vanilla

  • wholemeal sandwich with cream cheese with herbs, separated with plastic grass dividers
  • fish shaped hard boiled egg in silicone muffin case
  • mixed grapes in silicone muffin case
  • cucumber pieces with pinch of sugar in teddy bear container and with mini teddy bear fork
  • Babybel mini cheese
  • orange & cranberry fruit tea in a bottle
  • single packed wipe
  • mini tissue package on a side
  • anti-bacterial hand gel (just in case, not pictured)

Coffee and Vanilla

Everything closed in a lunchbox with a strap, placed together with fruit shaped food chillers in a plastic zip bag.

The lunchbox came back again completely empty but the little fork got lost what caused lots of tears… now I have to look for more of them on eBay.

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Your thoughts…

  1. And I thought our similarities ended with the whole Euro-caribbean thing..

    Turns out my daughter has the same bento box, with the same grass dividers and even the same silicon cups.. And guess what was in it today? The same kinda grapes! *lol*

    This is pretty scary ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands!

    p.s. Is yours the only kid eating fruit/vegetables at school as well? While all the other kids whine for chocolate, my daughter DEMANDS some carrots every day

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