Roasted Veggetables with Tortellini and Chick Peas

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500g aubergines / eggplants (3 medium-small aubergines)
500g of mixed sweet peppers (red bell peppers, sweet banana peppers etc.)
2 red onions
½ jar of green pesto (100g)
½ jar of chopped tomatoes (200g)
2-3 tbs of olive oil or Carotino
sea salt
black peppercorns
600g spicy pepper and tomato tortellini
400g tin of chick peas (drained)
100g mixed salad leaves (red chard, red and green lettuce, lambs lettuce, radicchio, mizuna etc.
200g baby plum tomatoes – optional


two baking trays or dishes
large pot


In a bowl combine tomatoes with pesto.

Cut aubergines lenghtwise, place on the baking tray, aubergines open side up, sprinkle with salt then pour over tomato and pesto sauce. Deseed peppers and cut them coarsely, cut red onions in wedges, combine with olive oil, season with salt, place on second baking tray.

Bake in for about 45 minutes in 200°C (392°F).

Few minutes before veggies are ready, prepare tortellini according to the instructions on the package, usually cook them in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes, drain and leave aside.

Share salad leaves to the plates, top them with baked vegetables, tortellini and chick peas, season with freshly cracked pepper and serve immediately.

Serve 4-6 people.

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  1. Margot,This is delicious!
    I miss you!

  2. Did you make this?

  3. This is quite fast dish, I bought ready tortellini and pesto, just made sauce and baked vegetables… this is one of my fast foods ;)

  4. Margot,
    Thank you for visit in my blog :)
    What’s password for acess your family blog?
    Kisses and hugs

  5. This pasta dish with roasted vegetables look yummie! Nice pictures as well :-), by the way, thank you for visiting my site.

  6. love the roasted veggie part in this yummy meal!! beautiful!

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