Lunchbox # 23 – Cheddar Sandwich, Nectarine and Cherry Tomatoes (Wholesome Lunchbox)

Lunchbox # 23 (for 3 year old girl)

  • white bread, Cheddar and butter sandwich
  • cherry tomatoes
  • crackers (not pictured)
  • 250ml of Roibos tea with brown sugar and milk (not pictured)
  • nectarine
  • raisins
  • lunchbox belt
  • napkin (not pictured)

More lunchboxes coming soon…. some already existing recipes for Lunchbox Food you can find here.

This is my entry for my own event: “Wholesome Lunchbox”. If you want to participate, please send link to your entry before 15th of each month.


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  1. I’m practically green over your leaf picks!

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