Jelly Deluxe


2 cups natural juice (I used tropical juice)
2 cups different colour natural juice (I used grape and raspberry juice)
20-24g gelatine (or according to the packet instructions) or 24g Vege-Gel (vegetarian substitute for gelatine)
4 handfuls of fresh fruits (I used little round grapes)
ready whipped cream
sugar strands


In a small saucepan heat over low fire first juice but do not boil. You can also use microwave.
Remove from fire, add gelatine or Vege-Gel, keep stirring till gelatine melt completely.
Pour to the bowl or container and place in the fridge for few hours for jelly to get firm.
Repeat the same with second juice.
When jelly is firm chop it with a knife.
Create layers of jelly, fruits and another jelly in glasses, top with cream, sprinkle with sugar strands, serve immediately.

Make 4-6 portions.

* You can also use only some of the jelly and leave the rest (not chopped) for the next day or two in the fridge.

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