Today It’s A Beautiful Day – I Got A Gift From Tasmania!


I wake up very tired this morning… and I was just about to drink second coffee when I received surprise package from Nora at Life’s Smörgåsbord: beautiful postcard, Jade Salt with Wakame Seaweed from Tasmania and Australian Nutorious caramelised macadamia nuts!! :D

Nuts are already gone, they were delicious… kids and Michael loved them too!

Now I can’t wait to try this new salt with salmon… ;)

Thank you Nora for making my day! :)

Your thoughts…

  1. Hi Margot,
    Glad that the package arrived safely. I didn’t tell you about it as I wanted it to be a surprise. :-) I hope that you were able to read my handwriting… I am glad that everyone enjoyed the nuts. They were freshly roasted in front of me when I bought them.

    x Nora
    p/s: Macadamia nuts are native to Australia, I always thought it came from Hawaii. I was going to do a post on macadamia but with so many other things to focus on, it’s still sitting in my draft box.

  2. What a lucky duck :D I always associate macadamia nuts with Hawaii as well. No matter where they are from they are rich and delicious!!

  3. I’m sure you’ll find a fascinating use for the salt and salmon margot!:)

  4. hi margot, what a lovely package-lucky you. enjoy them :-)
    i hope you are well, i haven’t visited much recently as things are still crazy with me starting full time work. i am missing my favourite blogs (yours included!). take care…

  5. Margot I loe so receive gifts or presents is lovely!! enjoy!! Gloria

  6. ooh, what a sweet treat to get something in the mail like that!!

  7. Hi Margot, awe that’s really lovely to receive gifts through the post – lucky you :D :D

    Rosie x

  8. Those caramelised macadamia nuts sound really good!

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