Photo Quiz # 1 – Prize: Red Apple Carry Bag (CLOSED)

What is it?

From those who will send correct or closest to correct answers will be randomly chosen (by my 2 year old daughter) happy winner that will receive pictured below brand new red apple fabric carry bag. Please send answers by 22nd of February, midnight, UK time to coffeeandvanilla(at) with “Quiz # 1” in the subject line. I won’t be replying to your emails with answers till the quiz is over.

Please, do not answer using the comment box.

I will be repeating similar quizes from time to time, so please visit again soon ;)

Have a good day everyone and good luck!

  • I will announce the winner within 3 days from the time quiz is over.
  • Please make sure that you provide me with correct contact details. After winner is selected I will contact her/him by email before posting the announcement. If I won’t get reply with postage details within 3 day I will be forced to select another winner.

Your thoughts…

  1. I think I know!


  2. arggh sorry – read the rest of the post Bron…opps hangs head in shame

  3. oh, how fun! but this one is hard…but I’ll make a guess soon…

    take care,

  4. p/s: any clues? hints? Like is it a natural product or something you made….?

  5. Your 2 year old knows the answer …me I can’t figure it out…wink…wink….

  6. Thank you everyone for the answers, there is still couple of days left so take you time.
    Here is the hint you were asking for:
    It is natural thing but I have done something to it… not only for the picture purposes :D

  7. oooh, I think I know what it is now….!

  8. Hmm, i know what it is but not what you have done with it…

    Really cute bags!

  9. Cantelope!

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