Inheritance Recipes Round-up – February & March 2016

Thank you Everyone who sent us entries for the February (on Pebble Soup website) & March Inheritance Recipes link-up here.

In response to the feedback, that Solange and I have received, there will be no themes in the Inheritance Recipes. Every month you can submit any recipe as long as it is inherited through family member, friend or ancestral culture. There is also no geographical restrictions for the entries. Recipes from all over the Globe are more than welcome.

All entries that have qualified can be seen below, in completely random order. Follow the number links under the collage to check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to our Inheritance Recipes Pinterest board and Inheritance Recipes list on Twitter.

Inheritance Recipes round-up international traditional recipes link-up

  1. Butter Beans, Kale Turmeric Savoury Rice by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen
  2. Polish Red Cabbage Salad with Apple & Onion from our blog
  3. Vegetarian Sarson Ka Saag, Paneer, Peas, Potatoes by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen
  4. Vegan Indian Pasta and Red Lentil Dal by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen
  5. Hot Magen David (Star of David) Buns by Helen from Family Friends Food
  6. Vietnamese Banana Flower Salad by Naomi from Asian Food Adventure
  7. Les Sourires aka Chocolate Lace Crisp by Solange from Pebble Soup
  8. Chocolate Egg Basket Tartelettes from our blog
  9. Chocolate Bread Pudding (gluten free) by Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist
  10. Black Magic Cake with Sea Salt Chocolate Ganache by Ema from De Tout Coeur Limousin
  11. Polish Sorrel Soup from Scratch from our blog
  12. Chicken, Prawn and Mango Curry by Sarah from From Plate to Pen
  13. White Fish & Rice Cakes from our blog
  14. Crêpe Suzette – Pancake Recipe by Solange from Pebble Soup

April Inheritance Recipes challenge is being hosted by Solange – do visit her blog to submit the links. We can’t wait to see your #InheritanceRecipes and most of all to read stories behind them .

Your thoughts…

  1. Look forward to reading through all the entries. Thanks for running such an interesting link up! :)

  2. Thank you Sarah for sending your link. We love reading all those stories behind each recipe :)

  3. Thank you so much for hosting and the round up – I love this challenge, though was a bit slow on the up-take at first due to distractions, its a fabulous way to share our heritage through food. I hope to join in again and thank you so much for sharing my recipes too.

  4. Thank you for running such a wonderful link up. 😊

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