Polish Herbal Pepper Mix – Pieprz Ziołowy

Herbal Pepper is blend of peppery spices often used in Polish cuisine for cooking, salads and sandwiches.

what are ingredients for herbal pepper

If used in cooking should be added towards the end for the best flavour.

Herbal pepper mix usually contains ground coriander fruit, caraway seeds, marjoram, chilli pepper, mustard seeds, bay leaves and sometimes coriander leaves.

Polish pieprz ziolowy UK


I was trying figure out proportions making my own herbal pepper mix, result can be found here: Home-made Herbal Pepper Mix.

Your thoughts…

  1. love this mix, would be gr8 on red meat.

  2. And i forgot. Congrats on ur website :D

  3. Joan Ann Powell says:

    Does anyone know where this Pepper can be obtained in Central Queensland, Australia, please? It’s quite delicious in many dishes.


  4. You can buy this pepper in all good Polish shops…

  5. @Joan Ann Powell, you may be able to purchase this product online. I love this mix and have found similar variations in my local Indian grocery store.

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