Harrods Champagne Gift – Christmas Hamper Giveaway (CLOSED)

Give New Year 2013 bubbly start, celebrate it with fine bottle of Harrods Premier Cru Champagne… Just answer the question and if you are lucky one of the food and wine hampers – Harrods Champagne Gift presented in a gift bag and worth £45 will be yours!

Harrods Champagne Box

1. How to Enter the Giveaway

Please leave the comment below telling us how are you planning to celebrate New Year’s or if you are going to make any resolutions for 2013?

2. Additional Entries

Please leave separate comment for each entry.

The competition closes on Christmas morning, Tuesday 25th of December 2012 at noon and a random winner will be announced shortly afterwards.

3. Rules

This giveaway is open to all readers over 18 and who live in the UK.

Organizers reserve the right to substitute the prize if above hamper will become unavailable.

Please make sure that you fill your email address correctly as I will need it to contact you in case you win. If I won’t get reply with postage details until the end of the year I will select another winner.

I reserve the right disqualify unverifiable entries.

Good luck Everyone!


The giveaway is now closed and winner will be announced within 24 hours.

DISCLOSURE: Prize for this giveaway is being provided by Harrods. All opinions expressed here are our own and we retained full editorial control.

Your thoughts…

  1. I will be celebrating the New Year with my family, its my brothers (a big one) and he is having a party at home, most of the family will be there and one cousin is coming home from Australia.
    Not planning on making any resolutions just going to take each day as it comes. Maybe this is a resolution.

  2. A Diamond ring I would buy,
    Big enough to make any woman cry!
    Then sipping Champagne under a setting sky,
    Pop the question – Marry me – Sweetie Pie?

  3. I celebrate New Year with my husband and two children, we get a take away and watch all the New Year programmes!


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  6. Ringland1234 says:

    Sadly I will have to work during the day.  I will get back at 16:30 and my husband will be working from 17:00 to 22:00.  When he comes back I will make sure there is some champagne on ice.  So we can see the New Year in together.

    We have both decided that our new year resolution is to make ever spare minute we have together, special.  Time is precious and time goes so quickly.  It is difficult to believe another year has flown by already.

  7. I think we will be at home this year as we can’t really afford to go out but I was thinking of inviting a few friends over

  8. With my parents and brother at a Indian Restaurant.

  9. Celebrating at home, resolutions too many to count, lose more weight, win MORE competitions, join a choir, stop biting nails (one hand!) make new friends, get a JOB! Sue Cotton

  10. Celebrating at home, resolutions too many to count, lose more weight, win MORE competitions, join a choir, stop biting nails (one hand!) make new friends, get a JOB! 

  11. We’ll be staying at home this year and celebrating with the family

  12. Indoors with my partner watching Jools Holland

  13. Maya Russell says:

    This New Year will be celebrated at home with the family. I need to carry on with last year’s resolution and lose more weight.

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  17. ashleigh allan says:

    I will be celebrating with family and friends. I will probably have a new years resolution of losing weight (again)!

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  22. steveclairecam says:

    We always stay in on New Years Eve drinking Kir Royales and watching Jools Holland!

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  25. My resolution for 2013 is to drink more Champagne.

  26. Enjoying good food, fine wine and even better company with friends at a New Years Eve Dinner party – not original but very enjoyable.

  27. New Years Resolution will be to lose another stone after losing 5 this year.

  28. We’re having a party at our house – and my resolution is to stress less and enjoy life more!

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  35. Chris Andrews says:

    ……a quiet new year celebration as both my husabnd and myself are working New Years Eve

  36. I resolve to spend less than £1256 in Starbucks this year and use the savings on the infamous Harrods Sale.

  37. I have followed you on twitter! @aliceb23:disqus 

    I don’t want to bore you with my paltry NYE celebrations. But I fully intend to be awake at 11.59pm

  38. And finally I have followed Harrods on Twitter and look forward to further advice on how to spend my Starbucks savings. Happy Christmas one and all!

  39. I will be having Christmas day on New Years Eve as we will be away for christmas and can’t take the childrens presents with us.  No new years resolutions – they never last more than a few days.

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  41. geezerbird44 says:

     I hate New Year – it just makes me depressed!

  42. for the first time in 16 years with my parents as my husband is working.

  43. I wll be at home with my husband and daughter watching rubbish tv and eating curry and drinking cava

  44. chrisbishop55 says:

    Don’t think I will be celebrating New Year – other than being home alone!  How sad is that?

  45. Rosalind Sargent says:

    I am On My own as Hubby is working so not feeling very happy or festive need a bottle to cheer me up then I will have some company me and a bottle of champagne yum might even leave some for Hubby when he is home if I win x

  46. I cannot afford champagne,but if I could it would be a candle-lit dinner, just the two of us….my wife and I,now that would be marvellous……merry christmas to all

  47. Really, really must lose weight.

  48. Kim Carberry says:

    I will be celebrating new year my family….Usually a quiet night in…A few drinks and nibbles….Nothing too crazy :)

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  53. Geoffrey Wickens says:

    We will have a romantic night in maybe if were lucky we will have a glass or two of your champagne

  54. i will be celebrating new year at a friends house with a bunch of other friends,my new years resolution is to enjoy everyday with my family xxx

  55. Colin Wright says:

     I resolve to exercise more and lose weight!!  One year maybe I’ll do it

  56. i’ll be celebrating with the tv and some champagne

  57. i’ll be celebrating with the party and some champagne

  58. We are spending it in Plymouth with my hubby and 2 kids as my hubby is working there at the minute

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  61. I don’t see in the New Year.  I don’t make resolutions either.  

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  66. we’re going skiing!

  67. I’ll be staying in, and as for resolutions- stop smoking(again)

  68. We’re off to a party with my husband’s family for New Year while our daughter is staying with my sister

  69. We celebrate New Year with a big family dinner, including plenty of chocolate and Champagne!

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  71. For new year we’re having a big bonfire, fireworks and friends around.

  72. My new years resolution is to stop making new years resolutions! 

  73. daisybeebee says:

    We are having a small party with family and friends as we do every year.

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  78. a nice quiet new years, just me and my boyfriend, and our resolution is to leave work outside the front door every evening and enjoy each others company more

  79. lurchergirly says:

    I will make a New Year resolution to eat and drink more responsibly…just like last year!

  80. we are attending a small family party in the village

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  85. got to be the usual lose weight – boring but so needed

  86. I will be in New York woohoo

  87. I will be in New York woohoo

  88. I will be in New York woohoo

  89. will enjoy a rail journey followed by a stay in Kent with lovely family

  90. Just me and the dogs with a cup of tea as my wife is working in A&E

  91. chrisbishop55 says:

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  92. I’m going to be giving up alcohol for january!

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  94. I’m going to be giving up alcohol for January!

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  96. I will be celebrating with my wife over a romantic meal.  My resolution will be to stop eating chocolate (I’m not hopeful!)

  97. At New Year I’m going to a party,
    My aunt is 100 and hale and hearty.
    We’ll be doing the conga with the OAP’s,
    What a way to spend New Year if you please!
    I’d rather be with my friends, that’s true,
    Instead of watching “wrinklies” turn blue.
    I refuse to give them the kiss if life,
    (I don’t do that to hubby, and I’m his wife!)

  98. Party time of course. New Years resolution – give up drinking, usually is. Lasts till about 5 January

  99. Party time of course. NY resolution – giving up drinking, usually is. Lasts till about 5 January

  100. sharonparry says:

    We had tickets to an event and gave them away, and instead decided to spend the night alone together, my husband and myself, it will be romantic and candle lit, good food, nice glass of wine, soft music. It will be beautiful x

  101. Off to Newcastle, spend time with the family and enjoy the fireworks, yipeeeee

  102. At a James Bond themed party. I still haven’t got a clue what the family will be wearing but the last minute costume panic adds to the fun of it all!

  103. We’ll celebrate New Year at home with just the family.

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  107. unfortunately I have to work night shift New Years Eve and New Years Day so my celebrating will be done on the 2nd . Then its Steak pie ,mashed  potatoes and if im lucky Harrods champagne

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  114. This year with my family spanning 3 generations – Not often we can all be together x

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  117. I will be celebrating at home as we have 5 children to look after, but we may have a tipple or two :)

  118. With the kids at home, we have a little party :-)


  119. GiuseppeGiovi says:

    I will celebrating the New Year with my love one…..my wife and daughter….at home with glass of champagne and a good movie. My resolution is to spend more time with my family..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  120. I shall be celebrating ten years free of cancer and my resolution will be to eliminate the last vestiges of OCD that I developed after having cancer. I couldn’t control the disease but I could control how many times I switched a light on or off and so on. Time to stop it.

    I shall also be remembering those that I’ve lost this year and asking them to come forward into the new year with us.

  121. My dad’s working all New Year so I’ll just be staying in to keep my mum company and having my boyfriend over.

  122. I will be celebrating New Year with my family and of course my boyfriend. It’ll probably be a quiet cosy night, nothing too fancy. I will certainly be making a few resolutions this year, one of which is to be healthier. But whether I stick to it or not is another matter!

  123. Planning on staying at home with the family with lot’s of nice food and drink.

  124. in front of the telly watching the fireworks in London . resolution to lose weight

  125. I’ll be at my parents house for their party for the first part of the evening and then will meet my friends for a few drink later. 

  126. Helen Moulden says:

    This New Year will be spent with my family at a party that a friend is throwing! Am looking forward to it already. As to New Year resolutions, would have to be using that gym membership a little more…!

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  130. New Year will be with my wife, kids tucked up in bed. I resolve to have more nights like this.

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  133. Unfortunately, I will be the on call manager at the hospital I work at so cannot drink or go out on new Years eve.

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  136. I will be on my own so will not be doing anything but as my dog is black I will get him to do the first footing in the hope of a happy,healthy New Year

  137. I will hopefully be on the Isle of Arran
    With my family and old acquaintences
    In my hand a wee dram to see in the Nerdy!
    As a wood fire warms my toes as
    Virgin snow falls outside the window.
    Pure joy.

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  140. Emma Mosley says:

    I will be celebrating new year with my lovely man and family on the Cornish coast. In 2013 my resolutions (along with the usual weight loss) are to be a nice kind person and make a change in peoples lives :)

  141. We have friends coming over with their children for New Years Eve and I don’t have any vices so I have nothing to give up!

  142. Suzanne Cooke says:

    We celebrate new year with some nice buffet food and my parents. I need to lose some weight so that willbe my resolution.

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  147. I’ll be bringing in the new year at home with my Mum, sisters, nieces and nephews with a wee dram or two

  148. Im celebrating the new year with my good friends and family will be having a house party and hopefully will let of some fireworks

  149. New Year’s Eve will be Doubly Bubbly as my partner Ken’s Birthday is on New Year’s Day! So at Midnight it goes like this:
    “HAAAAPPY NEW YEARRRRR”………… Chink chink, hug hug, kiss kiss….. (then) “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN!!” …….Chink chink, hug hug, kiss kiss………. (Then to Sleep) Zzzzzzzzz……….  (Wake up) “MORNING….. oooh my head!!!” :-)

  150. I am planning to go to my mum’s as she is having a family get together.

  151. collinsona says:

    Im spending it with my in laws and my new years resolution is to get a new job and lose 5 stone :-)

  152. Danielle Vedmore says:

    Probably at home – just me and mum!

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  157. Im not sure what I will doing for new years eve yet, but it will either be in the pub with my husband and friends from the village we live in, or with my parents if we visit them with a nice meal and some cocktails.  My new years resolution is to continue to lose weight. 

  158. i follow @Harrods on twitter, @feejee3:twitter 

  159. I’ll be having an early night. With a small baby in the house I go to bed ASAP each night!

  160. Rikka Borst says:

    I will probably  becelebrating  by counting my toes.

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  164. I will be celebrating with my family, and really looking forward to it!

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  166. New year will be with my family (all being well) My neice has her birthday on new years day too… so always a great deal of excitement new years eve x

  167. I plan to celebrate new year with my hubby and a few fire works 

  168. I shall be celebrating New Year’s Eve at home with my husband and daughter. Most probably we will be having a curry, wine and watching television!! :)
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  173. Fiona Harris says:

    Spending new year with my family :-) @@fionamonkey:disqus 

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    And coffee and Bean on twitter also, many thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  176. with family and friends  xx

  177. I will celebrate by making the most of seeing my Son his wife and my 2 little Grandchildren, they are here from their home in China so every moment with them is precious.As my older age is creeping up much too quickly my resolution will be to enjoy each and every day.

  178. I am going to have a quiet New year eve, 2012 has been a tough year emotional with illness and loss of a loved one. I will reflect on what i have gained in 2012 and lost and see a brighter 2013 ahead of me.

  179. Jen Schofield says:

    By going out for a meal with friends!  Haven’t thought the resolutions yet as I always break them anyway!

  180. With my friends and family and hopefully perhaps popping a cork or two !!

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  183. I would celebrate with family and friends and hopefully champagne !

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  185. I will be at home with the cat like any other day and will go to bed at the normal time of 10pm. The fireworks at midnight tend to wake me up though.

  186. I’ll be celebrating at home with family and friends

  187. Afraid I don’t celebrate New Year , boring but true

  188. Arabella Bazley says:

    I don’t know about New Year’s resolutions, I’m still trying to do what I wanted to do years ago but now my elderly mother is settled I’m hopeful of enough me time to make leaps and bounds! arabellabazley at gmail dot com

  189. quiet new year for me :) watching films and eating pizza lol

  190. We’re hosting a New Years Eve Party at home!!!

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  198. We’ll be celebrating with a Champagne breakfast followed by a forest walk. My resolution is to get more fresh air and exercise.

  199. sharon johnson says:

    i will be going to my ex sister in laws, with my kids and my ex mother in law will be there! and also my ex husband will be there, lol, all my resolutions in 1 room, apart from my kids xx

  200. We have tickets for a party and band at our dance club. In 2013 I plan to worry less and enjoy life

  201. Just had some bad news which we’ll know the result of on New Years’ Eve.  So hopefully we’ll be celebrating the outcome.  :)  :D  Good luck to everyone

  202. Its our first Christmas and new year in our first house together. As its also my birthday on the 30th December my lovely boyfriend is going to cook us a lovely meal, open a bottle of champagne and set off some fireworks at midnight 

  203. Probably in bed, although I don’t have work in the morning so I really should be doing something exciting. Maybe… a glass of wine and something nice like cake cake?

  204. I’m going for curry with a big group of friends, then back to my house to see in the New Year.

  205. I will be celebrating the New Year at home – probably with Jools Holland.  My resolution – or one of them – will be to make some more local friends to celebrate with next year.

  206. I will be having new year with just my hubby and daughter, it will be a nice quiet evening, and am hoping after all the xmas festivities we can actually make it to staying up till midnight :)

  207. richard james says:

    Spending new years eve with family and hopefully this prize :-) and my new years resolutions are to get in shape join a gym eat better food even though i say this every year haha

  208. Will probably be going out New Years eve with friends, but it needs to be good as am working all over the christmas holidays so wont see any friends or family! Then New Years day is my mums birthday so I’ll be cooking something yummy and getting the family over :)

  209. I will be celebrating this New Year on my own for the last time in this house and I would like to say goodbye to it in style. 

  210. I have subscribed to your blog by email newsletter.

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  214. I’m going to celebrate New Year with friends, eating fab food and drinking fine wine……. and then from the 2nd Jan I’m on a strict diet!!

  215. Will Swim in the Atlantic sea and set big plans and targets for 2013.

  216. gwenisgreat says:

    Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot
    Not in our house they’re not
    The invites will go out
    To others we’ll give a shout
    and bring in the new year together

  217. This New Year’s Eve I’ll be enjoying time with the family and my resolution will be to do so more often!

  218. I shall be spending the new year with my husband and perhaps popping next door for a little drinkies with them, happy new year.

  219. We generally have a quiet New Year’s Eve, watching tv and maybe thinking about what we’re going to do in the new year

  220. I celebrate New Years Eve with my family.  New years resolutions is somthing I dont do.

  221. I am celebrating with my partner and friends

  222. My daughter’s birthday is NYE so a double celebration :)

  223. Kate O'Neill says:

    i’m going to be staying in with my small children, so am actually hoping for an early night!

  224. After a rather hectic December, I will be having a quiet New Year with my husband.  My New Year resolution is to enter more competitions like this one and hopefully win some lovely goodies!

  225. At home with my hubby and our daughter and her friends

  226. Fiona Matters says:

    Going to a party with friends.

  227. getting pissed no doubt

  228. We will be staying in and having a family games night finally seeing in the New Year with a glass of bubbly in the Hot Tub!

  229. I will have my family over and we will drink, eat and play singstar! My new years resolution is to go to more yoga classes, I always skive off in the winter when it gets cold!

  230. I’ll be having a quiet drink at home with my feet up :)

  231. Hopefully I will be drinking some of your champagne and eating some home made mince pies. 

  232. tony houghton says:

    most prob be on a diet after new year (again)

  233. Susan Walsh says:

    a family get together this year:)

  234. No special plans for New Year but hoping to have some fireworks and a nice supper

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  241. Light-Wilson Francesca says:

    We shall be having a quiet evening at home watching a film. At about 10pm we shall crack open a bottle of Port and bring out the ‘well furnished’ cheese board … a ritual that we honour every year :-)

  242. Light-Wilson Francesca says:

    I am following Harrods on Twitter as @LoveWinning   

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    I have liked the Harrods Facebook page too …

  244. We spend New Years eve at home with family and friends. Watching the New year celebrations on TV and enjoying a nice meal together. My New years resolution is to do the things I have always wanted to do and not to put them off until later. Time goes by too quickly.

  245. We celebrate New Years Eve in a traditionally British way – with a curry.

  246. I am going to see in the New Year with neighbours (no driving involved so we can enjoy the champagne!) and I resolve to be very good next year.

  247. Now the children have left home we are actually going to a NYE party at a neighbours house which is great as good friends and neighbours should get together as we used to when we were kids ( but without the booze then! )

  248. Andrew Halliwell says:

    I don’t really celebrate new years apart from watching the fireworks on the telly, but I’ll prolly make a new years resolution to start trying to run to get a bit fitter.

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  253. Kerry Kilmister says:

    i will be celebrating the New year with my husband and my in laws. We will be be celebrating Hogmanay with a  traditional Scottish Dinner of Haggis, Black pudding, White pudding, neeps and tatties. Then putting first foot forward after midnight.

  254. With my children & husband, Mum & Dad and brother in Somerset.  Luckily they live on a hill!

  255. We plan to set of a Chinese lantern in memory of our baby girl who was stillborn in April this year, we miss her so much

  256. My Resolution is to write down the good things that happen throughout the year on post it notes – pop them in a tin then next NYE look back over the year at all the positives. I will be celebrating with my friends at their home :)

  257. I will be with my family, any resolutions i usually break so doubt i’ll make any meaningful ones lol

  258. Sing Auld Lang Syne and go ‘first footing’ carrying a piece of coal.

  259. We are going to a small cottage in Wales to wecome in the new year, a few friends my partner and the dog x 

  260. New year with my gorgeous wife.

  261. I will spend with NYE with a handful of friends who really matter. A dinner party, with champagne so no one has a hang-over the next day ;-)
    I will not make any New Year resolution as I never stick to it. However, I make resolution on a regular basis, few times a year WHEN I am ready to stick to them :i.e. healthier diet, more charity work, … as life is all about improving, not just for New Year

  262. @erinyslondon follows @harrods on Twitter

  263. I already liked Harrods on Facebook (and outside ;-))

  264. erinyslondon@…..com subscibe to Coffee & Vanilla by email

  265. I like Coffee and vanilla on Facebook

  266. Following & +1 on google+

  267.  @erinyslondon follows Coffee and Vanilla on Twitter

  268.  https://twitter.com/erinyslondon/status/283476098891792385

  269. Liked & shared the giveaway on Facebook

  270. I will be at work for some of it, so spending the rest of it at home. I follow on Facebook and twitter. X

  271. sue lempkowski says:

    A new years ball on NYE and then the traditional lose some pounds in weight over the next 6 weeks as off to norway mid feb

  272. sue lempkowski says:

    following on twitter as @lempers:twitter 

  273. charbarcrazy says:

    I will be spending a quiet night in with hubby and the cats with some good food :)

  274. charbarcrazy says:

    I am a fan of Harrods on facebook – Charlotte Hoskins

  275. karenjanetinker says:

    I will probably celebrate New Year babysitting my grankids!  An 8 year old and an 8 month old.  A glass of champagne once they are tucked up.
    Resolution?  To finish the champagne on New Year’s Day!

  276. jackie rushton says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to try and enjoy the simple things in life more :-)

  277. It’s my 50th Birthday today!! I’m celebrating with my grown-up sons and my Mum……. I’m having a really good day!!

  278. My new year celebrations will be with my lovely family we always see it in together. Next year it will be my 25th wedding anniversary so a special treat will have to be planned. As for resolutions well I think I will try and help my husband get the boat we are building finished and get it in the water.

  279. New year will be celebrated with my Best Friend and my sons……I don’t need to make any resolutions other than to carry on as I have done for the last few years…..I have a great life and I’m healthy and happy!

  280. I’ll be having a quiet New Year this year for a change as my husband is going into hospital on Thursday for a back operation. So if he is allowed home, then no doubt he will need looking after. I’ll still celebrate with soime champagne though.
    Happy Christmas everyone.

  281. I will be celebrating with my best friends, at one of their houses (too pricey to go out!). No resolutions, as I never keep them

  282. This year it is just my small family celebrating, so we will watch a movie together and then set off a few fireworks! My resolution….live each day as it comes and not dwell on the past!

  283. I am celebrating New Year with my family

  284. stephen holman says:

    will be trying to cut down on the junk food and exercise me and stop blaming the weather when I fail!! :)

  285. chloeclogs says:

    i will be with family at xmas 
    new year resolution will be to get fitter

  286. I would like to be a good mother for my newborn baby!

  287. Im baby sitting my little grandson so a quite evening in for me watching kids dvd`s

  288. following
    on facebook

  289. following on twitter @quin0002:disqus 

  290. My new years resolution is to kiss my husband passionately at least once a day!

  291. following harrods on twitter

  292. New year down the pub with the fam :0)

  293. I Follow Harrods on twitter

  294. I’m celebrating New Years day with my friends, cooking them a roast at our home. It’s a great way for us to catch up after a busy Christmas season, and to enjoy each other’s company before we’re busy with work and life as the new year starts again :)

  295. I’m following Harrods via FB :)

  296. I’m following coffee & Vanilla on Facebook and Twitter :)

  297. I’ll be spending a quiet family Christmas and my New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to get fit (again!!!)

  298. Maya Russell says:

    Hi, I am doing some housekeeping. Please can you remove any comments on this article or any others. Many thanks!

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