DIY Felt Hamster Design for T-shirts – Christmas Stocking Filler Idea

hamster deisn for tshirts from felt


  • light brown, yellow and pink felt
  • plain, thin thread in the same colour as brown felt
  • embroidery thread in dark brown and white colour
  • 2 dark (I used brown) mini beads for eyes – optional, could be made with the thread instead

drawing of a hamster


  • thin needle
  • thick needle for embroidery thread
  • scissors


how to make felt hamster design

1. Cut out hamster shape from the brown felt, 4 little pieces from yellow felt for paws and 2 little pink pieces for inside of the ears.

felt designs tutorial

2. Sew all the pieces together with thin brown thread.

hamster patterns for t-shirts

3. Use brown embroidery thread for the nose, mouth, whiskers, nails and the white one for teeth. Attach also bead eyes.

cute little hammer shirt

4. Once the design is ready sew it onto the shirt with thin thread.

pink hamster t-shirt


Previously, during textile classes I attend, I made also those felt heart shirts for my girls.

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