DIY Felt & Bead Heart Design for Kid’s T-Shirts

how to decorate plain T-shirt

When you buy 3 packs of kid’s shirts there is always at least one plain, without any design. My daughters are very fussy about what they wear and all those single coloured shirts are hanging for years in the wardrobe without being used… so today I took them to the textile class I attend to make them look more attractive.


  • plain colour T-shirts
  • pieces of felt
  •  thin thread in a colour of felt
  • some beads (I used flower shaped ones)
  • embroidery thread in different colour than felt


  • thin needle
  • thick needle for embroidery thread
  • scissors


1. First cut out heart shape from the felt.

heart design for shirts

2. Then sew on the beads around the edge of the heart.

felt t-shirt patterns

3. Place the felt heart on the T-shirt, with embroidery thread make heart design in the center of the shape sewing it one time onto the T-shirt.

girly t-shirt pattern ideas

4. Secure the heart with a thin thread sewing it on the T-shirt around the design’s edge.

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