DIY Clay Mermaid Statue for My Daughter

seating mermaid with a seahorse

My older daughter (she is 7) adores mermaids so I decided to make one for her, out of clay during the art workshops I attend. It did not come out perfect (ugly to be honest) but she loves in anyway (!)


  • white clay
  • clay paints
  • transparent glaze


  • clay tools
  • pottery kiln
  • paint brushes

work in progress - clay

At first I gave my mermaid some dreadlocks, unfortunately they started breaking off when the clay started drying out.

mermaid figurine

So I made new hair, nose and added also some leaves to the stone she is seated on.

clay mermaid with a seahorse pet statue

Then I painted the details completely forgetting that the paints will turn brighter once glazed and fired.

mermaid seating on a stone

Your thoughts…

  1. Patricia says:

    I think she is lovely…not ugly. Good job!

  2. Oh, thank you Patricia for such a nice words :)

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