Andrzejki / Eve of St. Andrew’s Day – Night of Magic & Fortune Telling

Andrzejki (Andrew’s) are celebrated in Poland on the eve of St. Andrew’s Day, the day before Andrzej nameday –  night of 29/30 of November.

It’s believed that this particular night is the best for all kind of magic and fortune telling, especially for young women who would want to predict their love life’s future.

One of the methods is to pour melted candle wax through an old keyhole into cold water, created this way wax piece is then used to make shadows on the wall to predict future husband’s profession.

Another tradition I remember is to write down names of possible husbands (or simply most common names) on a piece of paper, turn it around and then prick the paper with a pin… the name that will get pierced is the one of future husband’s.

We had always a lot of fun at school parties during Andrzejki so I will be definitely trying this with my daughters, once they are a little older…

I’m curious to know if anything similar is celebrated in your part of the World?

For me personally Andrzejki are deeply associated with Vienna Doughnuts as we have always had them during the celebrations.

traditional Polish doughnuts made out of steamed dough

Your thoughts…

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